Around Iowa

We at the Beattie Law Firm are heartbroken to hear of the car accidents the past few weeks that have affected many Iowans. On Aug. 18, two residents of Toledo were taken by ambulance to a healthcare center in Marshalltown after an early morning collision. It was reported that the semi trailer was going westbound […]


It’s time to put the phone away

It’s something we hear day after day – texting and driving is dangerous. But how about having our phones while driving in general? Even if you have made the commitment to not text and drive, think twice about using your phone as it still puts ourselves, and others, at risk. Our phones are truly a […]


The Beattie Law Firm – nationally recognized leading law firm representing victims of propane explosions

Propane gas explosion litigation is an extremely complex and difficult area of law, and thus highly specialized. Should a victim of a propane gas explosion face litigation with the oil and gas industry, a highly qualified lawyer, with this specialty, is required to obtain justice. We at The Beattie Law Firm have represented more than […]