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Stay Safe this Labor Day!

Labor Day is approaching, and for many it means the last chance to enjoy your favorite summer activity. We have written about how to stay safe while enjoying your favorite activities throughout the summer, and we at the Beattie Law Firm care about your safety. Here are some tips for you to review: Water Activities · […]


Attention! Bike Manufacturer Recalls Critical Equipment

A few of our recent posts (this one about road safety and this one about defensive bicycling) talked about how to stay safe when enjoying time out on your bikes. Another issue to be aware of is product safety when cycling. The Consumer Product Safety Commission just released a product recall for the XtC Bicycle and its seatposts due […]


Summer Months Are Ripe for Tire-Related Accidents

The summer months – though often overshadowed by winter – can mean hazardous times for tires. Super hot pavement, extra driving miles for vacations, and even high speeds enjoyed on open roads are all risk factors for tire-related accidents. At Beattie Law Firm, we want you to travel safe. Part of making sure you’re doing […]