Agricultural Injuries

Tractors, combines, grain handling equipment, and other agricultural machinery and processes can be dangerous. Agricultural injuries are all too common in Iowa and other farm states.

At the Beattie Law Firm, injured people can call for a free consultation with an Iowa agricultural injury attorney.Talk to a personal injury lawyer who will listen to what happened and protect your rights.

When someone has been injured in an agricultural accident, it is important to talk to a lawyer who understands the mechanics of the equipment, and who knows the industry and how things are supposed to work. Agricultural injuries and incidents of all types, including dust explosions, auger accidents, anhydrous release, or any other type of agricultural injury, injured workers and their families often come to our law firm because they know of our extensive experience with agricultural accidents and of our reputation for success in prosecuting these cases on behalf of our client. Our personal injury lawyers know the right questions to ask and the right experts to consult to get to the truth of why an agricultural accident happened. We use our education and experience to understand the engineering principles and the mechanics of defective machinery.

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