Workplace Injury Cases

Clients v. Defendants (Iowa 2012)

Facts: Our client suffered serious injuries to his body when he fell nearly thirty feet from a roof while performing maintenance services for his employer. Injuries included bilateral heel fractures, leg fractures, vertebral burst fracture, rib fractures, and significant nerve damage in his lower legs. A lawsuit was filed against the building owner and the design and construction professionals who had recently designed and built the new facility. During the course of the lawsuit, it was discovered by the Beattie Law Firm that the new building was designed and constructed in violation of applicable building codes and industry standards. The building codes required a guardrail to be placed where our client fell, but unfortunately it was left out of the design and construction of the facility.

Settlement: Trial was scheduled to begin in Story County. With the prospective jurors sitting in the courtroom, the defendants collectively settled the case for a substantial confidential amount.

Heck, et. al. v. Defendants, (Iowa 2008)

Facts: A factory in Sergeant Bluff was undergoing repairs and improvements. Fugitive hexane gas was released into the atmosphere where workers were doing repairs and cleaning of the factory. The hexane gas exploded, causing burn injuries to the Beattie Law Firm Clients. A lawsuit was brought against over 20 defendants, and the litigation lasted over 5 years. Theories of liability ranged from co-employee gross negligence to professional negligence to product liability.

Settlement: Settlement was reached prior to trial against all defendants but one. Trial was held in Sioux City, Iowa. After 2 weeks of testimony, the last defendant settled. The total settlement amount exceeded $6,000,000.00.

Adamsv. Lavalley (Iowa 2008)

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Herndon v. Defendant (Iowa 2007)

Facts: A worker for a Polk County Hospital was injured when the cube truck she was in was struck by the chute of a concrete truck.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm secured a substantial confidential settlement in the six figures for its client.

Windom v. Defendants (Nebraska Federal Court 2004 Trial)

Facts: Our client was injured when a shock absorber malfunctioned, causing injury.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm secured a $1,500,000.00 after one and a half weeks of trial in federal court in Nebraska.

Clients v. Defendants (Iowa 2000)

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Bingham, et. al. v. Defendants (Iowa 2000)

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Bangs v. Pioneer Janitorial of Ames, Inc. (Iowa 1999)

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Jahner v. Defendants (Iowa 1994)

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