Amos v. Pelgas-Iowa (2012)

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Mr. Amos and 3 other individuals were badly burned in a propane fire. Mr. Amos and another individual were filling propane in a small cylinder from 1000 pound tank at a "filling site". When filling the hose ruptured which allowed sufficient propane to escape which engulfed the victims. The propane ignited creating a fire ball with the victims in it. The Beattie Law Firm conducted an investigation into the filling station and found major violations which directly caused the propane gas leak and fire. Among the numerous violations were:

No emergency shut off switch in violation of NFPA 58

Violation of NFPA 58 10.2.2, lack of ventilation and a violation of NFPA 58 20.6.3 for lack of proper flex connectors.

Violation of NFPA 58 .2 2.3.5 for lack of in excess-flow check valve or differential back pressure valve

Violation of NFPA 58 .7 .7 .1 for failure to ensure the container is equipped with an actuated liquid withdrawal excess-flow valve.

Mr. Amos was suffered extensive burns and scarring over major portions of his body. The Worker's Compensation lien for past and future medical and disability benefits alone approached $2 million. Available insurance coverage from the insurance company for Pelgas was approximately $4 million and a successful settlement based upon insurance limits was reached.