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If you are hurt in an accident, receive an injury on the job, or are entangled in business litigation, you need an aggressive and compassionate lawyer at your side. Fighting this battle on your own isn’t recommended; you need someone behind you who has experience dealing in these difficult areas. Too many times we’ve seen insurance companies fail to protect clients or try to convince them that they have their best interests in mind.

They don’t, but we do.

Since 1977, our firm has provided clients with a professional level of representation during their most difficult times. Litigating personal injury, insurance, and business disputes in Iowa and throughout the nation, Don and our attorneys have a reputation for aggressive advocacy and success.

Leveling the Playing Field

To succeed as a plaintiff against an insurance company or other wealthy defendant, you have to start off on an equal playing field. Beattie Law Firm offers excellence, intelligence, strength, and resources to back you in your efforts to get the results you need in a personal injury, workers’ compensation, or business litigation case.

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