Anhydrous Ammonia Cases

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Nissen and Ryan

Facts: Mr. Ryan lost his life and Mr. Nissen was severely and permanently injured when an anhydrous ammonia tank ruptured. The tank ruptured due to a defective weld and it had been in adequately inspected over the years. Plaintiff sued the tank manufacturers and the anhydrous ammonia manufacturers on the basis of failure to warn regarding adequately inspecting tanks.

Settlement: $9.6 million plus $2 million of settlements from settling defendants.

Clients v. Defendant (Iowa 2012)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented the surviving spouse and children of a retired farmer who was tragically killed following an anhydrous ammonia exposure while spreading the fertilizer at his son's farm. A hose ruptured, causing the farmer to try to escape the cloud by driving away. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and eventually died due to his inhalation of anhydrous ammonia. The Beattie Law Firm handled the claim, asserting that the incident was preventable and that the leaders in the farming supply industry had long known about the issue concerning the use of tandem nurse tanks in the application process. Here, the emergency shutoff valve failed to shut off the flow of anhydrous and did not properly activate. The Beattie Law Firm presented to the defendant evidence that this problem had been previously discussed at a meeting of higher-ups in the agricultural industry more than two years prior to the event, yet nothing was done to prevent this type of incident from happening.

Settlement: In excess of 4 million.