Beattie Law Firm Files Petition Similar to Kansas City Explosion

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Beattie Law Firm Files Petition Similar to Kansas City Explosion

According to reports, a fiery explosion caused by natural gas left at least 15 people injured and one killed at a Kansas City restaurant on Tuesday night. Many citizens familiar with the area say they had smelled a “strange smell” in the weeks prior to the explosion. It wasn’t until a contractor struck the natural gas line the night of the explosion when utility workers came out to review the line. The blaze destroyed JJ’s Restaurant, and nearby residents and apartments suffered damage after the explosion.

The Beattie Law Firm has extensive experience in representing burn victims against those causing fires and explosions across the nation including explosions caused by natural gas, propane and other combustibles, among many other complex cases.

The Beattie Law Firm has filed a petition similar to the Kansas City explosion in Blackwell v. MidAmerican. An explosion, which occurred in the home of the Plaintiff on May 12, 2011, left the Plaintiff with severe and permanent injuries, requiring life-long assistance. The explosion, which was caused by natural gas that had escaped into the home, destroyed the home, personal items within the home and personal and real property.

Industry standard calls for odorization of natural gas, so occupants of a home receive warning of fugitive gas before the gas reaches explosive levels. Had MidAmerican properly odorized the natural gas or provided the Plaintiff with a gas detector and educated the Plaintiff on natural gas dangers; the Plaintiff could have avoided harm.

Know that the Beattie Law Firm has the expertise in handling cases that involve explosions. Our verdicts and settlements page on gas explosion cases show we work diligently to represent our clients who are injured.