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Des Moines Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

.08 is the law. Because a drunk driver often does not slow down or take any evasive actions to prevent an accident, drunk driving accident injuries are often more serious than injuries in other car or truck accidents.

At the Beattie Law Firm, our Iowa drunk driving accident attorneys seek compensation from the drunk driver, the dram shop (restaurant, liquor store, or bar supplying and serving the intoxicating liquor) that served the driver and any others who could be liable for accident injuries and wrongful death.

There are time limits on filing a lawsuit. In most cases, the dram shop must be given notice within six months of the accident. Talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect all your rights.

In a Drunk Driving Accident Cases, We Pursue Punitive Damages

Our objective in drunk driving accident cases (and in all of our cases) is to take care of the injured person or the family of the wrongful death victim. Our attorneys also seek punitive damages — damages above and beyond normal compensation — in order to send a message to people who choose to drive drunk and endanger the lives of others. .08 is the law.

By pursuing dram shop liability, we are sending a message to those who serve alcohol to people who are clearly unable to drive because of intoxication. Our legal actions against dram shops have made a difference in their policies and practices. You may have read about one of our dram shop cases in the paper. Perhaps you saw us on the news representing the victims of a drunk driving accident. We are passionate about prosecuting these cases on behalf of the victims. Call us today.

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