Electrocution Injuries

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overhead powerlineEach year, hundreds of people suffer serious injuries or death due to electricity. Electrical injuries come in many different types. A person may be fatally electrocuted, received an electric shock, received burns from an electrical source, or fallen as a result of contact with electrical energy.

Most electrocution incidents occur while we are on the job. A construction worker may come into contact with an overhead line. A line may arc, causing an electrocution of a worker. If this has happened to you, workers’ compensation benefits may not be your only option to take care of you and your family’s needs. You may have rights against others responsible for your injuries.

Other electrocution incidents may occur at home, while enjoying leisure time, or even due to a defective product.

We at the Beattie Law Firm have experience in handling complex electrocution lawsuits. We have handled all sorts of cases from work electrocutions, construction setting electrocutions, children suffering serious injuries due to downed overhead lines, and other settings.

If you have questions about an electrocution case, please feel free to contact us.