Nov. 2008 – Emotional Testimony In Heemstra Trial – Ronda Lyon Testifies

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KCCI Channel News Online. KCCI Staff Writer. November 7, 2008.

Emotional Testimony In Heemstra Trial – Ronda Lyon Testifies

It was an emotional day in the courtroom in the wrongful death suit against Rodney Heemstra in the death of Tom Lyon. Heemstra shot and killed Lyon. Now, a judge must put a price on the loss. Ronda Lyon was not on the stand very long, but long enough to make a point about losing her husband. Ronda and Tom Lyon began dating as teenagers. They married and had two children. They planned to spend long lives together on their Warren County farm.

Rodney Heemstra ended Tom Lyon's life with one shot, and now Ronda wants him to pay through a wrongful death lawsuit. As part of her case, she must prove the damages. She talked emotionally about how Tom's loss irreparably ruined their livelihood. Shortly after Tom was killed, Ronda sold the family's livestock.

Ronda Lyon said, "That was February 6, and that was our anniversary. I felt like I was selling and betraying him because that was something he liked so well. But it was something that I couldn't take care of and I couldn't have someone come and feed them everyday and take care of them for me, so that was the next best option I could do."

When Ronda Lyon's attorney began to ask personal questions about her and her husband, it became uncomfortably emotional.  That's because there's been some testimony about the couple's relationship. According to therapists, Ronda was concerned about Tom's moods, and Tom was concerned that Ronda was concerned. Tom sought counseling, and later, so did Ronda.

Lyon said, "Contrary to what has been said, contrary to what's been said previously, we have never been separated."

At that point, Ronda Lyon became even more upset and the questions stop. After her lawyer talked to the judge, he agreed to end the day a little early.

As soon as court starts first thing Monday morning, Ronda Lyon will be back on the witness stand. She'll be answering more questions for her attorney, and then Heemstra's attorneys get a chance to ask their own questions.