Insurance Bad Faith

 The insurance company is not always there to help you recover from a loss. There are times when an insurance company will deny coverage without a reasonable basis. That can be insurance bad faith.

You count on your insurance company. When they deny a claim, you have the right to question why. At the Beattie Law Firm, our Iowa insurance bad faith lawyers can protect your rights.

If the insurance company denies a claim, are they within their rights? Or are they violating the agreements they made in your insurance policy? Ask a lawyer experienced with insurance disputes and insurance bad faith.

If Your Claim Was Denied, Was the Insurance Company Right?

Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums, not by paying claims. When an insurance adjuster denies a claim, many people simply accept the decision — and the insurance company may be counting on that. If you feel that your claim should have been paid, challenge the denial. Explain the situation to an experienced business litigation attorney.

The insurance company may not deny a claim outright, but they may delay payment with one excuse after another. Delayed payments are considered bad faith in meeting their contractual obligation to you.

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