Iowa Workers Compensation – Nurse Case Managers Work for Insurer

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September 6, 2011
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Iowa Workers Compensation – Nurse Case Managers Work for Insurer

If you have suffered a serious Iowa workers compensation injury then the odds are that the insurance carrier has assigned you a nurse case manager. Most nurse case managers are pleasant to speak to and will act nicely to you, however, some are rude and will immediately rub you the wrong way. Some nurse case managers have a conscious, others, I would question. Regardless of whether you have a nurse case manager who you like, or whether you have one you just cannot stand, the simple fact is all workers compensation nurse case managers work for the insurer. Nurse case managers are hired by the insurance carrier to assist the adjuster in the administration of your claim.

Because nurse case managers work for the insurance carrier, an injured worker has to assume the nurse case manager is against their interests, because the workers compensation insurance carrier’s interests are normally against the injured worker’s interests. Meaning, if you have a permanent injury, you want the most amount of compensation allowable for that injury. The workers compensation insurance company is paying the compensation, so obviously they want to pay the smallest amount possible. Both the injured worker and insurance company’s interests are aligned to a degree that both want the injured worker to completely recover, however, to recover from injury the injured worker wants the best and most prompt care, while the insurance carrier wants to minimize medical expenses.

The point of this post is; despite the fact that some nurse case managers are good people who are trying to help you, you must always keep in mind who they work for, the insurance company. Be careful what you say and do because you should always assume they are trying to accomplish the goals of their employer – the Iowa workers compensation insurance carrier who is paying their bill. Usually when clients come into my office they already know this because they see in the actions of the nurse case manager. The nurse case manager’s interests, and the fact that they are agents of the Iowa workers compensation insurance carrier become apparent when they hear the case manager attempting to convince their doctor to release them to return to work prematurely, or talk the doctor out of an MRI or other expensive imaging.

Normally, one of the first things I do in a new case is instruct the insurance carrier that the nurse case manager is not to have direct contact with my client. If you are having difficulties with your nurse case manager and would like to discuss it, please contact me.

-Ryan Beattie