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When a loved one dies, it is never easy. We at the Beattie Law Firm have had to experience the loss through our clients far too many times. When a parent dies, the children may not be in the right frame of mind to be thinking about the future. In fact, that may be the furthest thing from their mind, as memories of the past flood the daily thoughts.

Iowa law recognizes that the loss of a loved one deserves compensation when that loss is caused by the fault of another. An element of damage that Iowa has developed is called “loss of parental consortium.”

Parental consortium is the relationship between parent and child and the right of the child to the benefits of companionship, comfort, guidance, affection and aid of the parent in every parental relationship, general usefulness, industry and attention within the family. In Iowa, a child is not entitled to damages for loss of parental consortium unless the parent’s death has caused a significant disruption or diminution of the parent-child relationship.

We at the Beattie Law Firm have experience in analyzing and submitting loss of parental consortium claims to injury companies and juries. The insurance company attorneys will try to convince a jury that the relationship between parent and child has no value. We strongly disagree. We advocate for the rights of the family after a tragedy has structure.

If you have questions about a wrongful death claim, or would like to know more about loss of spousal consortium claims, please feel free to contact us. Our door is always open, and we are happy to help.