Need Help to Stop Texting While Driving? There’s an App For That.

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Need Help to Stop Texting While Driving? There’s an App For That.

The technology-driven world we live in has many people consumed in their cell phones, whether it’s checking email, texting and even playing games on a new app.

Iowa law prohibits texting and emailing while driving. The law states: “A person shall not use a hand-held electronic communication device to write, send, or read a text message while driving a motor vehicle unless the motor vehicle is at a complete stop off the traveled portion of the roadway.”

Even with the ban on texting while driving, the number of distracted drivers is INCREASING. In 2013 Iowa had a total number of 731 crashes caused by distracted driving.

What can be done to decrease this number? Stop texting and driving yourself, and tell your family and friends the dangers of distracted driving. If there is a person who still cannot pull himself or herself away from their cell phone …

There’s an app for that.

SafeCell makes it easier to stop texting while driving, and even rewards the person with cash-equivalent rewards at many retailers. If the person is a frequent traveler, the app also takes the guesswork out of complying with varying state laws — making travel even safer.


How does the app work? 

When the app detects a person is driving more than 5 mph, the app will disable the phone’s texting and emailing capabilities. If the driver is in an emergency, there is an option to disable the app by pressing the “Place an Emergency Call” button. The app also allows an option to send an auto text message to people who call or text while you are driving, stating: “The person you are trying to reach is driving and will receive your message upon reaching their destination.”

Remove the habit of texting and driving, and share concerns with your loved ones. The app is a great step to making our roadways much safer, and your choice and decisions to not drive distracted will complete it.

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