Other Gas Explosions & Fires Cases

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Client v. Defendant (D. Neb. 2017)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented a client following an industrial setting fire that resulted in substantial property damage to the facility.  Suit was brought against the defendant, who designed, manufactured, and sold the commercial dryer to the client.  The theory of liability asserted was that the defendant failed to meet established industry standards concerning necessary fire safety equipment.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm obtained a confidential seven figure settlement after a week-long trial in federal court.  Settlement was reached prior to closing arguments.


Client v. Defendants (Iowa 2014)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented three workers who were employed by a company specializing in the application of a special paint and dye to concrete. The active ingredient in the paint was acetone. Acetone is a highly flammable and very dangerous chemical. The victims were applying the substance in a basement when the acetone fumes ignited, severally injuring the three young men.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm obtained a settlement in excess of $5 Million for the victims prior to trial.

Hexane Gas

Estate v. Co-Employees & Other Defendants (Iowa 2009)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented the Estate of a young worker and two individuals who were burned while working at a major soybean processing facility in Northwest Iowa. The facility was shut down at the time of the incident, and the gentlemen were assigned to do cleaning without the storage areas. The system was designed, however, that allowed dangerous hexane gas to become present in the storage area while the gas detectors were off due to the system shutdown.

Settlement: The case proceeded to trial against one of the co-employee defendants under a theory of gross negligence. The case settled during the second week of trial. Combining all settlements during and before trial, the Beattie Law Firm obtained roughly $6 Million for the victims and their families.

Hydraulic Fluid

Wyndham v. _____

Facts: A railroad shock absorber exploded, spewing flaming gases over the client, resulting in severe burn injuries. The Beattie Law Firm pursued the case on the theory of product defect, claiming the shock absorber had a defective design. The case was defended on the grounds that they blamed the victim for his own fault in causing the incident.

Settlement: A $1.5 Million settlement was reached after a two week trial in federal court in Omaha.