Premises Fall Liability

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buildingHave you been injured at someone’s property due to the fault of the property owner, someone else responsible for maintenance of the property? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. Iowa law requires an owner and occupier of a property to use reasonable care in the maintenance of their property. This requires the owner and occupier to consider:
  1. The foreseeability or possibility of harm;
  1. The purpose for which the visitor entered the premises;
  1. The time, manner, and circumstances under which the visitor entered the premises;
  1. The use to which the premises are put or are expected to be put;
  1. The reasonableness of the inspection, repair, or warning;
  1. The opportunity and ease of repair or correction or giving of the warning; and
  1. The burden on the land occupier and/or community in terms of inconvenience or cost in   providing adequate protection.
  1. Any other factor shown by the evidence bearing on this question.
We at the Beattie Law Firm have handled numerous premises liability cases ranging from simple slip and falls to more complex cases involving traumatic injuries. If you have questions concerning a premises liability case, please call us at (515)263-1000.