Prevent Personal Injury with Defensive Bike Riding

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July 25, 2013
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Prevent Personal Injury with Defensive Bike Riding

We know the importance of bike safety at Beattie Law Firm because every year we see the effects of rides gone wrong. In fact, nationwide more than $4 billion goes toward the total cost of bicyclist injury and death (

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice out for a joy ride, you need to do your part to stay safe. In Iowa, drivers are obligated to respect the rights of bikers, but the truth is plain: riders are vulnerable. So vulnerable, that in 2011, a cyclist suffered personal injury every 4.5 hours in the United States.

If RAGBRAI’s recent completion has you feeling inspired to dust off your bike, take a few minutes to review the ins and outs of taking to the trails and streets. Beattie Law Firm’s recent post, “Road Safety for Bicyclists and Drivers,” has some great tips for reviewing how to keep safe.

The Iowa Department of Transportation recommends that bikers “ride defensively.” Here are some more smart ways to keep you and your bike from becoming a statistic:

– Plan a route and visualize your stops, pauses and crossings before heading out.

– Don’t forget the human factor – even the most bike-friendly drivers can err at an intersection or lose concentration.

– Beware of parked cars moving into traffic or doors unexpectedly opening.

– Wear a helmet! It can’t be said enough – 85% of bicycling accidents result in injury to the face or head.

– Know and use hand signals:

bike hand signals.png

One common refrain from bikers who’ve suffered personal injury due to a bike accident is that they legally had the right to the road. And in Iowa, that’s correct. However, the “right” to ride doesn’t give much solace to those with pain, medical bills and a future full of uncertainty.

If you or someone you know has suffered personal injury because of a bike accident, please contact us at Beattie Law Firm. We have a staff that is qualified, passionate and proven in winning cases like these.