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Hildreth v. Des Moines Law Firm (Iowa 2008 Trial)

Facts: Mr. Hildreth was injured in an automobile collision in Warren County. He sustained a spinal injury that necessitated just over $7,000 in medical care. Mr. Hildreth hired a Des Moines personal injury attorney to represent him with respect to his claim. The attorney failed to timely file Mr. Hildreth's lawsuit. The Beattie Law Firm represented Mr. Hildreth in his legal malpractice claim against his former attorney.

Verdict: A Polk County jury returned a verdict in excess of $90,000 for Mr. Hildreth.

Veach v. Des Moines Law Firm (Iowa 2007)

Facts: Ms. Veach's attorney failed to timely file a dram shop notice with respect to her claim stemming from injuries she sustained when a drunk driver drove through the front doors of the dram, hitting Ms. Veach with his vehicle.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm secured a substantial confidential settlement on behalf of Ms. Veach.

Stubbert v. Law Firm (Illinois 2001)

Facts: Client's attorney from a prominent Illinois law firm was not qualified to handle a natural gas explosion by failing to recognize certain duties the natural gas utility had regarding inspections and warnings. Natural gas leaked from a recalled flex connector and exploded.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm obtained a $2,000,000 plus settlement on behalf of its client.

Client v. Law Firm (Iowa 1999)

Facts: The Defendant law firm settled a part of the client's case, but failed to reserve the right to continue with the client's lawsuit against the remaining defendants. Thus, the Court dismissed the client's case against the remaining defendants.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm secured a $600,000.00 on behalf of its client.