Propane Safety Precautions

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Propane Safety Precautions

Because propane is highly combustible, it’s important to follow these guidelines:

  • Install a Propane Gas Detector. The smell of propane is distinct, but some people are not as sensitive to smells as others. Additionally, propane is denser than air, so it settles in low-lying areas that may not get a lot of traffic, such as basements. This is why a detector is important. Contact your propane retailer to purchase one or visit a reputable home supply store.
  • If You Smell Gas: Be sure there are no flames or sparks nearby. Leave the area immediately. Turn off the gas. Report the leak. Don’t use it again until your propane dealer or a qualified service technician has checked it out.
  • Leave Appliance Maintenance to the Experts.
  • Lighting Pilot Lights: If a pilot repeatedly goes out, there may be a safety problem. It is strongly recommended that only a qualified service technician ever light a pilot light that has gone out. You are taking the risk of starting a fire or explosion if you light a pilot light yourself.

The Beattie Law Firm wants you to be safe in your use of propane gas. If you’ve been injured while using a product that you suspect had a manufacturing flaw or was sold despite a recall, you may have grounds for compensation.

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