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Whether being behind the wheel of a car or performing the daily duties of your job, a serious injury can change your life in an instant. For the families of wrongful death victims and the victims of catastrophic personal injury, we understand this.

Just as you or a loved one has received medical treatment from a specialist in the medical field, you or your loved one should receive legal advice from a specialist in dealing with catastrophic injuries

At the Beattie Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa, our Iowa catastrophic injury attorneys represent clients and their family members when a catastrophic personal injury abruptly changes or ends lives.

Suffering a catastrophic personal injury requires more than just an analysis of a person's immediate needs. Compensation needs to include future medical needs, disabilities and long-term care.

We Stand by You Throughout the Catastrophic Personal Injury Claim Process

We have the experience and dedication to represent you during the highly complex process of a burn injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury or other complex legal claim, including wrongful death claims.

  • TBI, traumatic brain injury: We work closely with the family and the victim to understand how this happened and what the long-term effects will be.
  • Gas explosion burn injuries: Burn injuries require extensive medical care, often over a period of years. Our law firm has significant experience with burn injury litigation.
  • Spinal cord injury: A fall at a work site, a car accident, a truck accident or any other personal injury accident can cause spinal cord trauma that leads to paraplegia or quadriplegia.
  • Soft tissue injury: What may seem to be a minor injury at first can have consequences that affect work and personal life for an extended time — even a lifetime.
  • Wrongful death: We investigate the accident that caused the death, and we work with the family to fully appreciate the extent of their losses.

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