Share the Road – Obey the Law

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September 3, 2015
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Share the Road – Obey the Law

In recent weeks, you may have noticed much debate regarding cycling around Iowa. Cyclists blame drivers for not seeing them, while drivers blame cyclists for not obeying the law.

Whether you’re a cyclist or motorist, it is important to understand that both have equal rights to use of the roadways, but most importantly, have equal responsibilities. (Read our post on Road Safety for Bicylists and Drivers)

When riding a bicycle on the roadway, cyclists are required to comply with all rules of the road. According to Iowa Code section 321.234 a person riding a bicycle on a highway has the same legal rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle while on the highway.

Regardless of what method of transportation you choose, we at The Beattie Law Firm work diligently to fight the injured. We urge both sides to be courteous and obey traffic laws. Share the road. Be alert of your surroundings and be smart.