Stay Out Of The Dog House

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March 27, 2015
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Stay Out Of The Dog House

As you and your pets hit the dog park this spring, remember to follow these etiquette rules to keep the space a fun and happy environment for everyone:

· Know your dog’s temperament: It’s easy to forget that the world doesn’t know your dog as well as you do. When taking your pooch to the park, keep in mind how he might react to other people, dogs and spaces. Don’t put your dog in a situation where he might react aggressively. We recommend checking out the park during off-hours first, to give him a chance to get familiar with the space.

· Fix first: Don’t take your dog to the park if they’re not spayed or neutered. Neutering male dogs cuts down on aggression, while spaying a female dog prevents the dog park frenzy that an in-heat dog may cause.

· Keep the puppies at home: We know you want to show off your cute pup, but taking puppies to the dog park puts them in harm’s way. Unsocialized puppies can be frightened, even trampled, by larger dogs.

· Don’t bring food: We encourage you to bring water for your pooch, but leave the food at home. Treats can bring out underlying food aggressions, turning even the most docile dog aggressive.

· Insist on good behavior: If you notice that your dog is behaving aggressively, it’s important to shut down the behavior and leave immediately.

If you or a loved one are attacked by a dog, follow these steps:

· Seek appropriate medical treatment

· Identify the dog the caused the injury and report the attack to authorities

· Take photos of the injuries

· Document any costs you incur

· Contact a personal lawyer as soon as possible

In the State of Iowa, any dog owner is legally responsible for damages caused by the dog when the dog attacks or attempts to bite a person. If you are a victim of a dog bite or attack, we at the Beattie Law Firm have the knowledge to establish fault in dog bite cases.