Summer Grilling Safety

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June 18, 2013
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June 20, 2013
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Summer Grilling Safety

Grilling season is in full swing! As we approach the 4th of July and warm summer days, we at the Beattie Law Firm want to remind consumers of important grilling safety when using gas grills.

Most importantly, never store a propane cylinder indoors, including garages. Most propane cylinders are equipped with safety valves that release propane when the tank gets too hot, which avoids tank rupture. However, if the tank is kept indoors, the gas released can cause an explosion.

Twenty pound propane cylinders are the most popular to power gas grills. Convenience stores will fill the propane cylinders and provide racks where consumers can easily exchange an empty cylinder for a full cylinder. Because convenience stores do not often have trained personnel to inspect the safety of propane cylinders, we at the Beattie Law Firm recommend consumers keep their cylinder and simply get it filled. This way, consumers know that their tank is safe to use.

While transporting a full cylinder, keep it upright at all times. If the cylinder is on its side, propane gas may leak inside your vehicle, creating a hazardous environment. Simply opening the trunk can cause a spark to ignite the propane and cause an explosion. Pickup trucks are the best way to transport propane cylinders. Using a truck allows any leaked propane to escape harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Whether manually lighting the gas grill or using an automatic igniter, be sure to use these procedures:

· Always open the lid before lighting the grill. This allows gas to escape rather than accumulate and cause an explosion

· Once the lid is open, turn on the gas

· If the grill does not light right away, turn the gas off, wait 30 seconds and try again. This allows the gas accumulated to dissipate before ignition.

We want your summer grilling to be safe! Be sure to follow our safety tips to prevent propane gas explosions. We at the Beattie Law Firm are specialists in representing victims of propane gas explosions. If you are a victim of a propane gas explosion, we are here to help you.