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TBI — traumatic brain injury — is a heartbreaking injury. A TBI has a profound effect on the person suffering from TBI as well as on family and friends.

The Beattie Law Firm's Iowa personal injury lawyers understand the impact TBI has on the victim, and we work diligently and aggressively to obtain the necessary compensation.

It can take time to diagnose TBI. A closed head injury should be observed closely for any sign of TBI. It is important not to accept a settlement — no matter what the pressure from an insurance adjuster — until the damage is fully known. Before doing so, consult with an Iowa TBI attorney.

Head trauma can occur in almost any type of accident. At first the victim may seem normal, but then the signs of disorientation begin. There may be mood swings, an impairment of cognitive abilities, confusion. Immediately after an accident, the injury may not be noticed. Because there is not observable blood, a closed head injury may go unnoticed.

Our personal injury attorneys work to determine the full extent of a traumatic brain injury. We work for maximum compensation that includes past, present and future medical bills as well as compensation for past, present and future lost income and future personal care needs.

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