Train Crossing Accident Cases

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Des Moines Train Crossing Accident Lawyer

Train crossing accidents are devastating. When a heavy train hits a car or SUV, the people inside the smaller vehicle are almost always killed or suffer catastrophic injuries.

At the Beattie Law Firm, our Iowa train crossing accident attorneys work closely with the victims' families to determine what happened and why, and to obtain fair and just compensation for their losses.

The railroad company and its lawyers are protecting their own interests. It is important to have your own personal injury attorney who can protect your rights. and interests.

Finding the Truth Requires a Thorough Investigation

When the Beattie Law Firm is asked to represent the victims of a railroad crossing accident, our lawyers take immediate action to investigate the accident scene and secure the evidence. In an effort to clean up a railroad crossing accident site, the railroad company can remove valuable evidence that could explain what happened.

For example, an unmarked crossing may get a new warning sign after an accident — a warning sign that might have prevented the accident. Shrubbery or trees or other obstacles that hid a sign may be cut back. Barriers that failed to work at the time of the accident may be repaired.

Our investigators and lawyers will also look at the train itself. Was it going faster than allowed speeds at that place or that hour of the day? Was the train operating in full compliance with regulations? We look for and find the answers.

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