Jury trials are very difficult, and as such, trial exhibits to illustrate a personal injury are an indispensable factor in being successful. One of the major goals of the victim’s lawyer is to be able to as simply as possible present the evidence favorable to your side. Some injuries, like burns, are visible to the jury and can be documented through photographs. Other injuries cannot, yet it is still important to put photographic evidence in front of the jury to explain the injury. Trial exhibits serve as this purpose. We believe at the Beattie Law Firm that it is necessary to go beyond the usual production of medical records and medical bills as trial exhibits. We have learned that the more that we can show and demonstrate the actual injury, the easier it is for a jury to understand and appreciate the injury that a client has. Thus, we routinely use x-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic testing which can show broken bones, ruptured discs and even to a lesser extent damaged soft tissue.

In many cases, though, the most effective way to illustrate the personal injury that a client has received is by having an artist actually draw or diagram the damaged portion of the human body and to show that part of the body and its damaged condition. This is a specialty and can be very expensive. When done correctly, it is easy for the jury to actually visualize and see the injury and this goes a long way to a fair and just verdict. In a recent case, we used an artist rendition to demonstrate a complex surgical procedure performed on one of our clients. The treating physician used this exhibit to help explain his testimony so that the jury would understand the injury in great detail. The doctor’s testimony was concise, easy to understand, and most importantly, extremely powerful. At the Beattie Law Firm, we believe in putting together the best case possible for our client. The use of trial exhibits to demonstrate many personal injuries suffered by our clients is a must.