Valentine’s Day is a day of “I love you” – flowers, chocolates, and dinner; and is not associated with safety risks. Many Valentine’s Day traditions; however, may pose danger. If you and your partner plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, keep these safety tips in mind so your day of romance does not take an unpleasant turn.

Home cooked meal

If you plan on preparing dinner for your partner, follow these kitchen safety tips:

  • Keep a working smoke detector in the kitchen. Your smoke detector should be checked one to two times a year to make sure it is still working.
  • Never leave a stove or oven unattended while it is on. This is especially true when you are cooking with oils or grease.
  • If a fire occurs, put it out with a fire extinguisher or baking soda.
  • Never pour water on a grease or electrical fire, as that can spread the flames.
  • Wear form-fitting clothing in the kitchen. Loose sleeves or shirts can easily come into contact with open flames when you are distracted.
  • Check the latest product recalls and make sure your cookware is safe to use.

Candlelight Dinner

Be careful with candles. Make sure your candle does not burn to the bottom of the wick and keep it on a sturdy surface so it prevents from falling over. Remember to keep an eye on all open flames, and make sure the candle is far away from flammable materials.


Snow is expected this Valentine’s Day, so remember to follow these winter driving tips. If you plan on having a glass of wine, take extra precaution while doing so.

Though you may take every precaution, injuries may still occur. Beattie Law Firm is here to help you or a loved one in the event of an injury.