Work Injuries Caused By Co-Workers Cases

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Iowa Attorneys for Work Injuries Caused by a Co-worker

A leg tensor bandage being applied outdoorsUnfortunately, everyday Iowans suffer painful and debilitating injuries caused by co-workers. Under Iowa law, your employer has immunity from legal action outside of Iowa Workers’ Compensation laws. However, in some instances, you co-worker may be legally responsible for your injuries and damages such as pain and suffering, disability and lost wages.

If your co-worker was grossly negligent under the law, he or she may liable for your damages. The Beattie Law Firm has handled numerous cases under this standard and would be happy to review your case.

For a sample of cases prosecuted by the Beattie Law Firm involving co-employee gross negligence, go to our Co-Employee Gross Negligence Cases page and see our past results.

Workers' Compensation Benefits for On-the-Job Injuries in Iowa

In addition to reviewing a case for gross negligence when your injuries is caused by a co-worker, we encourage you to contact Ryan Beattie with the Beattie Law Firm to discuss your case and issues involving:

  • Are you being paid the correct weekly benefit rate on your check?
  • How much in permanent benefits are you entitled to for your injuries?
  • Who is responsible for your medical care?
  • Do you have to go to the doctor?

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