Work Injury Caused by Defective Product Cases

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Daleske vs Farmland

Fact: Mr. Daleske lost a leg when he fell into an unguarded grain auger while unloading corn at a co-op. Plaintiff claimed that the auger should have had a guard which the co-op failed to have in place.

Settlement: Case settled for $2 million.

Kelley v. CPM (Iowa 2014)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented a mill worker who lost three fingers while maintaining a grain roller machine manufactured by a Waterloo company. The Beattie Law Firm retained experts in product design, product warnings, and agricultural products, who were critical of the design and warnings on the product. The product manufacturer retained an expert who blamed the client for misuse of the product and for sticking his fingers in a pinch point while the machine was winding down.

Verdict: The case proceeded to trial in Webster County. The jury returned a damage verdict of roughly $950,000, which was reduced slightly in post-verdict motions and some comparative fault assigned to the client.