Work Injury Caused by Non-Co-Worker Cases

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Client v. Defendants (Iowa 2015)

Facts: Client was involved in a fall from a step ladder while working at a customer’s job site. In addition to pursuit of the workers’ compensation claim, a lawsuit was filed against the owner of the ladder. The Beattie Law Firm retained leading experts in OSHA and industry ladder standards to help establish why the owner of the ladder was responsible for the client’s injuries and damages. A theory of liability was developed concerning the owner’s violation of OSHA, industry, and company standards and practices concerning ladder safety.

Settlement: The case was submitted to two mediations. During the second mediation, the entire case (workers’ compensation and third party) was resolved. Between the two claims, the client received in excess of $1 Million in benefits and damages, including a significant lump sum payment to him as well as structure payment.

Client v. Defendant (Iowa 2015)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm’s client was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Bettendorf, Iowa. The client was driving a semi-truck westbound, when another vehicle ran through an intersection, causing an accident. The Beattie Law Firm represented the client on his workers’ compensation and car accident claims.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm obtained a policy limits settlement of $100,000 for the Client on the car accident claim, and the workers’ compensation claim remains open for the client.

Client v. Insurance Company (Iowa 2015)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented an Iowan who was injured at work. The workers’ compensation insurance company acted in bad faith with respect to his medical care and indemnity benefits, and the Beattie Law Firm pursued a bad faith action in State Court. The case was hotly contested by the insurance company.

Settlement: Prior to trial, the claim was settled for a confidential, multiple six figure amount.

Client v. Defendant (Iowa 2015)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented a client who was an independent contractor over the road trucker. He was injured while unloading at a customer’s facility. The claim went to litigation, and was contested on liability grounds as well as the extent of the client’s injuries.

Settlement: The case was settled prior to trial for a confidential five-figure amount.

Client v. Defendant (Iowa 2014/2015)

Facts: An OTR driver was in Iowa to pick up a load for a customer. He called ahead and was relying on the customer to load the flatbed trailer, and he would do the final strap down. The customer was not prepared for the load despite the advanced notice and relied on the driver to help. The customer ended up dumping some of the load on the driver, causing him injury. The Beattie Law Firm represented the client in both his workers’ compensation claim and his personal injury claim.

Settlement & Verdict: The personal injury claim settled for $75,000 with an agreement that the lien did not apply to future workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation claim went to trial, and the client was awarded roughly an additional $100,000 in benefits.

Huff v. Defendant (Iowa 2014)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented a Central Iowa worker who was injured while working at the U.S. Postal Service facility in Des Moines. She was a contract worker responsible for picking up and delivering mail. She was injured while trying to move a dock plate at the facility because the Postal Service workers refused to help and wouldn’t fix the automatic dock plate that was supposed to be there.

Verdict: The case was tried to the Court because there is no right to a jury trial in these types of cases. The Court returned a damage verdict in excess of $100,000. The client was assigned a small percentage of fault, and was eventually awarded roughly $90,000. The Beattie Law Firm also was able to obtain additional benefits for the client through representation in the workers’ compensation claim.

Client v. Defendant/Insurance Company (Iowa 2014)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented a Marion County woman who was seriously injured while driving a school bus. The Beattie Law Firm pursued claims against the responsible driver, the school’s underinsured insurance, and the school’s workers’ compensation carrier. The school’s insurance argued that offsets prevented the client from collecting certain benefits. The issue was submitted to the Court, which ruled in the client’s favor. The case was submitted through two separate mediations, and was eventually resolved.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm was able to resolve all of the client’s claims for a significant, confidential, multiple six-figure settlement.

Client v. Defendant (Iowa 2014)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented an EMT who was injured while in the back of an ambulance during transport. The Firm represented her on both the workers’ compensation claim and the claim against the other driver.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm was able to obtain a settlement of $90,000 against the other driver’s insurance.

Client v. Defendant (Iowa 2014)

Facts: The Beattie Law Firm represented a Central Iowa worker who was injured when shelving fell on her at work. The contractor who put up the shelves was sued for negligence.

Settlement: The Beattie Law Firm settled the case for $50,000.

Client v. Defendant (Iowa 2014)

Facts: The client was injured when a garbage truck trapped him in an area designated for a large commercial trash bin. The claim went forward as a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party claim against the garbage company.

Settlement: The case was mediated, and resulted in a settlement of $85,000 on the claim against the garbage truck driver.