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August 10, 2015
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September 3, 2015
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We at the Beattie Law Firm are heartbroken to hear of the car accidents the past few weeks that have affected many Iowans.

On Aug. 18, two residents of Toledo were taken by ambulance to a healthcare center in Marshalltown after an early morning collision. It was reported that the semi trailer was going westbound and was attempting to make a U-turn to go eastbound on U.S. 30. The residents collided with the rear of the trailer, which resulted in the semi-trailer blocking the eastbound lane. A car also going eastbound struck the residents’ car, after the semi-trailer was blocking the eastbound lane.

After a car accident occurred in Des Moines on Aug. 14 two individuals were brought to near by hospitals, ultimately killing one. Police reported that one person was trying to make a U-turn while the other driver was trying to merge into traffic, causing the collision.

After a rock truck collided with another vehicle in New Sharon, IA on Aug. 6, three bothers lost their lives. The crash occurred in a rural area, suggesting the tall crops may have made it difficult for both drivers to see each other. The brothers traveling in a lowland slope from the west could have also made it hard for the drivers to see each other before both vehicles collided at the unmarked crossing.

A cyclist was participating in the Urban Assault Ride, on Aug. 15, when a drunk driver struck him and two other bicyclists. One was taken to a Des Moines hospital and is listed in critical condition, while the other two bicyclists sustained minor injuries. The cyclist was abiding traffic laws and was traveling west on Grand Avenue when he was hit from behind according to police.

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