Avoid Dog Bites this Holiday Season

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October 27, 2014
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Avoid Dog Bites this Holiday Season

This is something to keep in mind entering the holiday season. In addition to spending time with loved ones, you and your family are probably going to be seeing more of their pets, too. Whether you’re trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, or at a friend’s holiday party, it’s important to remember even the friendliest dog will bite if provoked. Take a moment and revisit our dog safety precautions to keep this year’s holiday season as fun, and safe, as possible:

· Don’t approach strange dogs

· Never leave a baby, or small child, around a dog

Children under the age of 10 account for 50 percent of all dog bite incidents. Children are also more likely to be severely injured in an attack. 

· Always ask the dog’s owner for permission before petting

· Don’t run past, or try to excite a dog

Dogs are naturally hunters and love to chase things. Warn your children that by getting too excited, the dog might become aggressive.

· Never disturb a dog that’s caring for puppies, sleeping, or eating

Dogs can be territorial and react aggressively if they believe their territory is being threatened 

· If threatened by a dog, remain calm

By staying calm, you can minimize attack damage. Speak calmly and firmly, avoiding eye contact. If you are on the ground curl up and place your hands over your head and neck, protecting your face. 

If a dog bites you or a loved one, follow these steps:

· Seek medical treatment

· Identify the dog that caused the injury and report the attack to the authorities

· Take photos of the injuries

· Document any costs incurred

· Contact a person injury attorney as soon as possible

We at Beattie Law Firm are experienced in dog bite cases and have the knowledge to establish fault. If you or someone you know becomes a victim, call us immediately.