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December 19, 2014
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Beattie Law Firm: Car Accidents

Whether inattentive, impaired or simply inconsiderate, negligent drivers are a danger to everyone on the road. Dealing with insurance companies after an accident is stressful and can actually inhibit you from recovering properly. We work with insurance companies on clients’ behalf to make sure that clients are provided for and able to heal, in addition to advising and helping answer the difficult questions , like:

  •  Should I accept the insurance company’s property damage payment?
  •  How will my medical bills be paid?
  •  What are insurance medical payments?
  •  Do I have insurance medical payment coverage?
  •  What do I do when the other driver’s insurance company is saying that I am partially or completely at fault?
  •  What do I do for compensation when I am off work?
  •  Will the insurance company pay for my future doctor visits?
  •  If I accept a settlement offer, can I get more later if my condition worsens?
  •  What is reasonable compensation for what I am going through?
  •  Is my spouse or child entitled to compensation?
  •  Is there a time limit on my claim?
  • Will pre-existing conditions prevent me from being compensated for the accident?
  • What is under-insured motorist coverage? Am I entitled to it?
  •  What is uninsured motorist coverage? Am I entitled to it?
  •  The officer told me the other driver does not have insurance. What should I do?
  •  Am I entitled to my lost wages while I am recovering from the accident?
  •  What happens when more than one driver caused the accident? Who would be responsible for my injury?
  •  Do I have to repay the bills paid by my health insurance company?
  •  How much does it cost to pursue my rights?
  •  If the other driver did not get a ticket, can I still make a claim for my injuries?

The answers to these questions are always case specific, and we treat each case individually.

Keep checking in to learn more about what we do here at Beattie Law Firm. And as always, if you or a loved one are in need of representation, please call. Our devoted team of attorneys is here to help and consultations are free.