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December 15, 2014
Beattie Law Firm: Car Accidents
December 29, 2014
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Beattie Law Firm: Headlines Around Iowa

Car Accidents 

A deadly crash on Highway 65/69 killed one and sent six to the hospital. Authorities report that a Jeep rear-ended a Chevy Cavalier around 7PM Monday evening in Indianola, at the intersection of Willowcrest Avenue.

The impact from the crash sent the Cavalier into the opposite lane of traffic; killing a passenger in the backseat and sending the driver, another adult and three children to the hospital with undisclosed injuries. The driver of the Jeep was also sent to the hospital, condition unknown.

Although there are blinking lights to warn drivers of the upcoming light, residents blame the crash on an abundance of construction and the recently erected stoplight in the intersection.

Authorities are refusing to speculate the cause and continue to investigate these claims.

Home Fires

Home fire incidents skyrocket during the winter, with propane and heating/electrical units often to blame, and we saw that trend continue in the Des Moines Metro Area over the weekend.

Des Moines fire fighters reported to a fire at 840 17th Street around 3AM Saturday morning. They were able to control the blaze quickly, with no injuries or fatalities, but it significantly damaged the back of the home.

Responders were called to a similar fire in Indianola early Wednesday morning.
While five people were home, fortunately no one was injured. Investigations are still underway, but authorities believe that an electrical unit may have caused the fire.

A fire in Granger, IA took a fatal turn. Authorities responded to the call early Monday morning. It’s reported that at the time of the fire, three people were in the home, but only two were able to escape. Authorities are still investigating causation, but report that the house has been totaled.

We encourage clients and their loved ones to be careful and alert, both at home and on the road.