Beattie Law Firm Expertise in Anhydrous Ammonia Cases

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Beattie Law Firm Expertise in Anhydrous Ammonia Cases

The Beattie law firm has a great deal of expertise in representing clients victimized by accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia. Anhydrous ammonia is an extremely dangerous substance and is listed as a hazardous product by the Federal Government. If there is an accidental release of anhydrous ammonia, the ammonia turns from a liquid inside the tank to a vapor rice cloud when released. If it envelops a human being, the human has precious little time in which to escape from the cloud or catastrophic injury and death will occur.

This is because anhydrous wind coming into contact with the human skin will adhere to it seeking moisture content from the skin. Because it acts so rapidly, it will destroy human tissue in a matter of seconds including a person’s eyes, skin and lungs. When this occurs the damage is irreversible.

In 2006 members of the Beattie Law Firm went to trial in Clinton, Iowa on in anhydrous ammonia case which resulted in a jury verdict in excess of $10 million. See, Nissen and Ryan. In that case Mr. Nissen and Mr. Ryan were loading for their employer a 1000 gallon nurse tank of anhydrous ammonia. The tank ruptured and the anhydrous cloud enveloped both men. One man survived with severe injury and the other gentleman perished 10 days after being injured. The surviving injured gentlemen and the Estate of the decedent sued manufacturers of the anhydrous as well as the tank manufacturer and trainer that the gentleman’s employer hired to train them regarding care and handling of anhydrous.

The claims against the anhydrous manufacturer were based upon the failure to warn that the containers of anhydrous needed to be periodically checked to ensure that they could safely hold anhydrous. The tank manufacturer was sued because it had defectively constructed the tank that ruptured because of the defective weld. The trainer was sued for giving improper training regarding care and handling of anhydrous.

The gentleman settled with the anhydrous manufacturers before trial and went to trial against the tank manufacturer and propane trainer. After a three-week trial, the jury returned the verdict against all of the defendants in excess of $10 million.

In a previous blog, the Beattie Law Firm described in explaining its representation of a different type of anhydrous ammonia release in a case that it settled just a few months ago. There are many laws, rules and regulations governing the use of anhydrous and a multitude of different types of equipment used in the care and handling of anhydrous. Cases involving injuries from the release of anhydrous ammonia are complex and very difficult to prosecute. Generally, the parties responsible vigorously defend and do not even attempt to settle until literally at the courthouse door and experience as shown you must expect to go to trial against these defendants.

The Beattie law firm does have the expertise in handling of anhydrous ammonia cases and will diligently and zealously represent our clients that are injured from anhydrous ammonia.