Jury Awards Beattie Law Firm Clients $923,134.71

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August 4, 2014
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Jury Awards Beattie Law Firm Clients $923,134.71

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A court case ended on June 11, 2014 in front of a Webster County jury in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The jury ruled in favor of our clients Larry and Sonya Kelley in the amount of $923,134.71.

Mr. Kelley suffered an amputation of three fingers on his hand when it got caught in the roller press he was operating.

The Kelleys filed a lawsuit against CPM Acquisition Corporation and Larry Bubb Equipment Sales for a defectively designed roller press, which was sold to Mr. Kelley’s employer.

During trail, The Beattie Law Firm established the following:

  • The machine was defectively designed, as it did not have interlocks to prevent access to the internal moving parts of the machine until the moving parts had completely stopped
  • There should have been a light, or other signal, to notify the operator when the moving parts stopped
  • The maintenance manual was defectively designed with respect to the printed warnings
  • Training provided by CPM’s seller, Bubb, was negligent for failing to train and warn that the rollers stopped at different rates and times

Defectively designed and/or defectively maintained equipment are frequently combined, which may result in workplace injury. We at The Beattie Law Firm are specialists in handling workplace injury and products liability cases of any injured worker, and will work the entire claim relating to both Workers’ Compensation and personal injury against 3rd parties.

In cases such as Mr. Kelley’s, the importance of a well-experienced team of attorneys will help get you the compensation and justice you deserve.