Motorcyclists Travel to South Dakota for Annual Sturgis Celebration

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July 22, 2014
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Motorcyclists Travel to South Dakota for Annual Sturgis Celebration

Several motorcycle-related accidents made headlines this weekend in Central Iowa, including one fatality. On Sunday, a man was killed while riding his motorcycle on Highway 14, near Knoxville. The motorcyclists slowed down to make a turn, when the vehicle hit him. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene; however, troopers were able to find him.

Two motorcyclists survived an interstate accident in West Des Moines on Sunday. The bikers hit a slick spot on Interstate-80, rolling their bikes into a ditch. Reports state a passerby stopped to help the bikers, but their vehicle was hit by a car that slipped in the same spot. The motorcyclists were headed to Sturgis for the world’s largest motorcycle rally. They were taken to the hospital for precaution, but still plan to attend the event with nearly a half-million other motorcyclists.

Each year Sturgis draws riders from Baby Boomers to Millenials from all across the United States, who celebrate with food and entertainment, and the joys of the open road. Riders who plan to attend must always remember to stay aware of other presences on the road.

The Beattie Law Firm is aware of the dangers posed to bikers by inattentive drivers and other obstacles. Whether you plan to ride your bike around Des Moines, or head to South Dakota for Sturgis, if you have been in a motorcycle accident, contact The Beattie Law Firm to learn how we can help.