Massive Blaze Wakes Texas Town

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April 16, 2013
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April 19, 2013
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Massive Blaze Wakes Texas Town

Sadly, we have woken up to news of another explosion in the States. A massive blaze occurred at a fertilizer plant on Wednesday night in West, Texas, causing half of the town to be evacuated. The latest CNN reports estimated five to 15 people had been killed in the massive blaze, more than 160 wounded, and damaged 50 to 60 homes within a 5-block area. Witnesses say the explosion went off like a “nuclear bomb”. Risk of another explosion remains due to weather and one fertilizer tank that is still intact, according to reports.

Anhydrous ammonia, a pungent gas, used in fertilizer remains a big concern. High concentrations of exposure may lead to death, among other problems including:

  • Rapidly causing dehydration and severe burns if it combines with water in the body
  • Symptoms can include breathing difficulty; irritation of the eyes, nose or throat; burns or blisters
  • Victims require treatment with large quantities of water for at least 15 minutes
  • When released, the vapors initially move close to the ground, causing greater risk for exposure.

As law enforcement and firefighters work tirelessly to continue search and rescue efforts and investigation of the explosion, our hearts go out to the victims of the explosion in West, Texas.