Another Tragic Train Accident

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April 18, 2013
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Another Tragic Train Accident

In what can only be described as a crisis, yet another Iowan was killed by a train at a crossing that the railroad has willingly left without adequate safety measures. KCCI News this morning is reporting that a 74-year-old lady was struck by a train and killed after being dragged 1700 feet. Iowans need to demand greater protections for our innocent and less protection for the railroad. Life before profits should be a moral principle that our state follows, but sadly that is not the state of affairs at the moment.

This law firm has represented multiple victims of similar train accidents. In almost of these, had the railroad installed lights and gates at the crossing, gruesome injury and death would have been avoided and good people would still be living a good life today. This safety crisis is no less important than many of the other safety issues that get far more publicity in this country. The Beattie Law Firm endeavors to put a stop to this and prevent unnecessary deaths. We ask for your help by making your voice heard.

The news story is reprinted below:

1 killed in crash involving train

Moorland Train Accident.jpg

MOORLAND, Iowa -A train crashed into a car in Moorland on Thursday evening, killing the driver of the vehicle. Authorities said the crash happened about 8:20 p.m. at County Road Hayes just south of D-20 about seven miles southwest of Fort Dodge.

The Iowa State Patrol says the Toyota Camry being driven by 74-year-old Sheryl Ann Parks crossed in front of a Union Pacific freight train. The train struck the vehicle, dragging it about 1700 feet down the tracks.

Parks was killed. She was the only person in the vehicle.

Investigators said the driver may not have seen the approaching train because the intersection was not equipped with crossing arms.