Other People Make Mistakes. Slow Down.

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January 6, 2014
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January 13, 2014
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Other People Make Mistakes. Slow Down.

A public service advertisement made in New Zealand has gone viral, prompting viewers to think twice about speeding. The powerful advertisement, titled “Mistakes” shows two drivers who are seen on a path to collision.

Time is halted, and two gentleman leave there vehicles to discuss the situation. One man pleads for the other not to drive into him, as he has his boy in the vehicle. He is confronted with the heartbreaking reality that the other driver is going too fast to stop.


Both men return to their cars, time returns, and the cars crash in a split second. Viewers are left with an emotional conclusion and a simple statement: “Other people make mistakes. Slow Down.”


In 2013, the Iowa DOT reported 318 traffic fatalities.


The Beattie Law Firm cares about your safety and wants you to remember to practice defensive driving. Allow time when driving and remember, there are others on the road. If you, or a loved one, becomes a victim we are here for you.