Wind Chills at 35 Below are Life-Threatening. Bundle Up. Stay Warm.

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Wind Chills at 35 Below are Life-Threatening. Bundle Up. Stay Warm.

Bundle Up

If you need to go outside, take extra precaution and dress in layers covering as much skin as possible.

· Wear loose, lightweight layers of clothing to trap air and better hold heat

· Make sure boots and coats are water-repellant

· Cover your head! Fifty percent of heat loss is from your head

· Wear a scarf and cover your mouth to protect lungs from extreme cold

Health Concerns

Frostbite: includes painful, prickly sensations; pale or grayish-yellow skin; and hard or waxy-looking skin.

Hypothermia: includes shivering; clumsiness or a lack of coordination; and slurred speech or mumbling.

If you or a loved one experiences any of these symptoms, seek medial attention immediately.

Stay Indoors

Stay in the comfort of your own home if you can, but use extra precaution if you plan on turning on a little extra heat.

· Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from household combustibles and away and off any furniture

· Do not use your fireplace if you have not had it inspected this winter

· Do not use flammable liquids to start your fire

· Use seasoned hardwood

· Never leave your fireplace unattended

Not only does the Beattie Law Firm care about your safety, we want you to stay WARM! If you have to bear the cold, remember our tips.