Safety on the Fairway

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May 13, 2013
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Safety on the Fairway

Golfing season is in “full swing”, and so are the injuries that may occur when golfing. We at The Beattie Law Firm have represented victims of golf-related accidents; and want you to remember these tips.

Anyone upon a golf course has a duty or obligation to exercise reasonable care in his or her activity. When preparing to hit a shot, the golfer should proceed with caution and ensure there are no persons who could be injured by the shot. If a golfer strikes a ball knowing people are in the area where a golf ball is expected to travel, the golfer would be liable for any injuries that might result.

  • Before entering a fairway, or other area, where one could expect a golf ball to be hit at any time, the golfer must exercise due diligence in attempting to discern whether someone is about to hit a golf ball. If you are struck and failed to exercise such care, the other person would not be at fault.
  • If a golfer hits a shot, and reasonably believes after hitting such a shot, that a person might be struck by the golf ball, the golfer has an absolute obligation to yell “fore” or other warning to enable others to take cover to avoid being struck.
  • Furthermore, care must be taken when hitting a golf ball off a tee, especially when a slightly errant shot could go into an adjoining fairway, tee box or green. In such a situation, the person hitting the ball must give audible warning even if he or she cannot see someone who may be affected by the errant shot.
  • A driver of a golf cart also must exercise reasonable care to avoid injuring anybody who may be riding with the golfer.

If you cause injury to someone on a golf course you should immediately notify your homeowners insurance company. In most cases, homeowners insurance would provide insurance coverage in the event the person injured seeks damages.

If you are a person who has been injured on the golf course, we urge you to contact The Beattie Law Firm.