Prevent Carbon Monoxide Incidents Camping

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May 10, 2013
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May 15, 2013
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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Incidents Camping

Now that camping season is in full swing, we at The Beattie Law Firm want to remind you of the dangers of carbon monoxide. We have represented many victims who have been injured or may have died as a result of carbon monoxide. As mentioned in a previous blog, carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion of gas because of a lack of enough oxygen to completely burn the fuel–whether it is propane gas, natural gas, butane or any other type of fuel. This occurs when the user or occupier of the space will seal off openings to prevent ambient (cold) air from entering the space.

There are only two known ways to prevent carbon monoxide incidents:

  • One is to ensure that there is a sufficient opening to allow outside ambient air to enter the space. This can be difficult to judge, so campers should do this only when using gas equipment that have oxygen depletion sensors.Oxygen depletion sensors monitor the burning of oxygen and the gas to ensure there is complete combustion. When insufficient oxygen exists, the sensor will automatically shut down the gas appliance preventing carbon monoxide from forming.
  • A second method is to place the portable heater or other gas equipment outside of the tent and direct the heat into the tent. Furthermore, a camper should never use cooking equipment inside of the tent.

When you go out on your first camping trip Memorial Day weekend, remember to follow our tips and make sure you only use equipment with oxygen depletion sensors.

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