What happens when more than one driver caused the accident?

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What happens when more than one driver caused the accident?

Who would be responsible for my injury?

Car accidents involving two drivers are complicated enough, but throw in more drivers to the situation, and the complexities and stress only increase. If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle car accident, you may have questions about how the process changes or, perhaps more importantly, who will be held responsible for your injuries. Keep reading below to learn more.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

After things have settled following an accident, police will need to review the scene to determine who or what parties are at fault. It’s also a good idea to take your own pictures and document events as you saw them, if you are able to (if you are not able to do this yourself following the crash, it’s important that a party close to you does this).

Who is responsible?

If there are numerous careless drivers determined to be the cause of the accidents, then any of those individuals can be held responsible since they were involved in the events that lead to your injury. Those parties will then have to work among themselves and their representatives to determine who will have to compensate you for your injuries.

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