Agriculture Accident

Tractor Accidents Result in More Than Half of Agriculture Accidents

With Iowa being 92 percent farmland, Agriculture is an important part of the state’s culture. Referring back to the previous blog, “Agriculture Fatalities Largest in State of Iowa”, farming is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. With agriculture, come tractors – tractor accidents makes up more than half of all fatal farm […]


Agriculture Fatalities Largest in State of Iowa

As harvest season nears, it’s important to know that agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries. Farmers are at high-risk for nonfatal and fatal injuries while on the job. Though a national occupational safety and health agenda for the agricultural production industry has been established as part of the National Occupational Research Agenda process, agriculture […]


2015 Grain Bin Deaths in Iowa

A grain bin is an agricultural structure used in farming to store bulk materials, such as grain, corn, coal, or sawdust. Grain bins, if improperly equipped with safety devices, have the potential to be extremely dangerous. In 2014, there were 28 documented grain entrapments – four of which were in Iowa – which resulted in […]