September 8, 2011

Lawsuits – Iowa Statutes of Limitation

A statute of limitations regarding lawsuits: is a law that sets the maximum period that you can wait before filing a lawsuit. The time periods are different […]
September 8, 2011

Lawsuits – Serious Injuries Regarding Gel Fuel Products

As you may have heard, on September 1st, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of all pourable gel fuels. Several companies are […]
May 25, 2012

Trial Exhibits – Personal Injury

Jury trials are very difficult, and as such, trial exhibits to illustrate a personal injury are an indispensable factor in being successful. One of the major […]
June 5, 2012

Property Damage Insurance Coverage for Items Other Than the Vehicle

Typically automobile insurance policies provide property damage insurance coverage for items other than damage to the vehicle itself. This is a little known fact among owners […]