Current Events

University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center

The University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center and St. Florian Fire and Burn Foundation held their “Burn Survivors Together” event on Saturday, April 2 in Iowa City, Iowa. The event brings families, who have survived tragedies, together so they can continue to heal. It also teaches prevention and what goes into fighting a fire. Severe […]


Des Moines Hotel Evacuated Overnight due to a possible gas leak

More than 400 guests were evacuated from a Downtown Des Moines hotel Thursday evening after several staff and guests reported a natural gas odor. Natural gas itself does not have an odor; however, gas companies are to routinely add an odorant so that people can detect any leak as precaution. As we head into the […]


Propane Gas Detectors – Odor Fade of Propane Gas

One of the least known safety devices associated with the use of propane gas is a propane gas detector. A propane gas detector works similarly to a smoke detector. A gas detector will detect the presence of escaped gas and will send an alarm loud enough to alert those inside a home to evacuate. The […]