Bicycle Accidents

Back to School Safety

With most Iowa students headed back to school his week, it means our streets will be much busier. We want to remind our readers to use extra caution during your morning commute, as we all re-acclimate to sharing the road with school buses; student walkers, bicyclists, and drivers. By following some of these safety tips, […]


Life after personal injury

We at the Beattie Law Firm have represented countless number of injury clients in 40 years. When a person is involved in an accident resulting in personal injury, he/she suffers from more than just the injury itself. Psychological, physical and financial struggles may ensue. Needless to say, life after an accident may never be the […]


Share the Road – Obey the Law

In recent weeks, you may have noticed much debate regarding cycling around Iowa. Cyclists blame drivers for not seeing them, while drivers blame cyclists for not obeying the law. Whether you’re a cyclist or motorist, it is important to understand that both have equal rights to use of the roadways, but most importantly, have equal […]