February 6, 2014

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a byproduct of combustion and when uncontained, can be found in homes and garages across America. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless and […]
February 3, 2014

Propane Safety Precautions

Many rural households use propane to heat their homes and do other fulfilling day-to-day activities. If propane is a mainstay in your life, be sure to […]
January 28, 2014

Two Teens Killed in Auto Collision in Crystal Lake

As the weather continues to yo-yo back and forth between melting and below-freezing temperatures, it is important to remember the conditions of the roads you are […]
January 22, 2014

Product Recalled from The Home Depot

A bathroom medicine cabinet sold exclusively at The Home Depot has been recalled by the manufacturer, RSI Home Products. Customers who purchased this unit, which involves […]
January 16, 2014

High Winds Across State to Impact Driving

Iowa is experiencing very high winds across the state, with wind gusts up to 50 mph. As a result of the high winds, numerous cases of semis […]
January 13, 2014

Install Detectors in Your Home for Peace of Mind

Smoke detectors are the first line of defense when a fire occurs in your home, and having one installed properly in your home may reduce a […]
January 8, 2014

Other People Make Mistakes. Slow Down.

A public service advertisement made in New Zealand has gone viral, prompting viewers to think twice about speeding. The powerful advertisement, titled “Mistakes” shows two drivers […]
January 6, 2014

Wind Chills at 35 Below are Life-Threatening. Bundle Up. Stay Warm.

The subzero temperatures we’re facing are causing wind chills of 35 below to 45 below – making it hazardous and even life-threatening. Bundle Up If you […]
December 31, 2013

Stay Safe During Tonight’s New Year’s Festivities

By Beattie Law Firm of Beattie Law Firm, P.C. posted in Personal Injury on Tuesday, December 31, 2013. As you plan tonight’s festivities, we want you to remember to stay safe as […]
December 31, 2013

Iowa Workers Compensation Alternate Care

By Beattie Law Firm of Beattie Law Firm, P.C. posted in Iowa Workers Compensation on Tuesday, December 31, 2013. In Iowa Workers Compensation cases we have discussed Alternate Medical Care.   But what happens […]
December 31, 2013

Train Carrying Crude Oil Explodes in ND

By Beattie Law Firm of Beattie Law Firm, P.C. posted in Current Events on Tuesday, December 31, 2013. Last night in North Dakota another train derailed.  Although this incident did not have any […]
December 30, 2013

Central Iowa Babysitter Arrested After Toddler Falls from Vehicle

By Beattie Law Firm of Beattie Law Firm, P.C. posted in Current Events on Monday, December 30, 2013. Recently in Des Moines, a babysitter was arrested due to a toddler that was […]